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A leading company specializing Trade and Engineering services that included Inspection, Testing & Calibration, training and Qualifying, counseling and services for all industrial fields and petroleum in the Arab countries in various fields of engineering and administrative (such as mechanical, electrical, machinery and communications process and civil works) so we are looking for work, cooperation and integration with all those who are looking for excellence and professionalism.

our Vision

The NAYA for Engineering Services & Training (NEST)'s Vision is to be one of the top the third Part Inspection Company and leading technical and industrial institution that will provide distinctive quality education and technical inspection in the world for the next five years And To continuously improve and keep pace with technological developments in order to provide professional services to our clients.

our Mission

Our Group's mission is to achieve and maintain the highest level of customer confidence and satisfaction. Enhancing professional careers for our trainees and meeting their needs for excellence. To provide standard and customized training programs for individuals who are seeking skill and knowledge enhancement for career growth as well as for companies that are investing in manpower development to maintain or improve its desired production output. To ensure that all the training programs and technical services are provided with the best possible equipment, world class facilities and up-to-date course materials. To ensure that all its training programs and equipment to keep pace with technological developments, NAYA constantly updates its training course materials where necessary, and uses advanced teaching technology.

Quality Program

Quality Assurance is the establishment of a program to guarantee the desired quality level of a product from raw materials through fabrication, final assembly and delivery to the customer. Quality Control comprises the physical and administrative actions required to ensure compliance with the Quality Assurance program. These functions may include NDT and Inspection at appropriate points in the manufacturing cycle. The purpose of NEST's Quality Program is to ensure that the various services provided by the Company are properly developed, performed, controlled and documented. The NEST Quality Program, which consists of the Quality Manual and Qualification and Certification Procedures, is regularly reviewed and monitored to ensure that the highest standards are maintained at every stage of project execution. Although designed for in-house use the NEST Quality Program is readily adapted to meet the specific needs of individual clients.

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